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Since 2006, Saxfine Ribbon and Bow Co.,Ltd. has been devoted to creating and manufacturing beautiful ribbons, bows and accessories to adorn lifes special moments, holidays, crafts, gifts, our homes, clothing and more. Saxfine are mainly engaged in producing satin ribbon, plain grosgrain ribbon, velvet ribbon, printed ribbon, wave ribbon, cotton tape ,jacquard ribbon ,striped grosgrain ribbon, piping ribbon and so on , as well as ribbon roses , bows and packing accessories are also in our business ranges. Decorative accessories are a form of expression. Manufacturers and retailers use our ribbons, bows and accessories line to enhance the presentation of their products, rendering them attractive and capturing each seasons essence, whether it be Christmas, Easter, Valentines day, Mothers day, Bridal or any event that calls for a special touch of elegance and delicate expression. Saxfine Ribbon & Bow offers the finest in quality decorative ribbon, custom printed and custom made bows with a large array of design and extensive pallet of colors and this is due to its dedicated art and design team that strives to keep abreast with new fashion and color trends. At Saxfine, we think innovatively to help our clients achieve the expression and presentation of their decorative ideas and all this at very competitive prices. So if you have a design idea that you wish to develop, at Saxfine we can produce your idea step by step from initial concept to final product. Backed up with adept efficient mills in Asia, Saxfine ensures prompt deliveries and firm quality control. Our production facilities are equipped with the latest machinery and technology and a team of professional, dedicated workers, craftsmen and technicians. Our network of offices offer our customers friendly and courteous customer service. All this makes Saxfine Ribbon and Bow Co.,Ltd. a leader in the industry of decorative accessories, maintaining strong and trustworthy relationships with our clients.